Time Clock Solutions

A Hassle-Free Time Tracking System 

Using the same functionality as our Employee Self-Service platform, the HUB Time Clock provides an easy-to-use system that serves as both an online time tracking system as well as a company-wide communication system.  Because this system is a comprehensive platform, both administrators and employees have the benefit of using its powerful tools to gather timesheet data, view time clocks in real-time, and submit hours to payroll. 

With Paysmart’s secure and reliable system, save time and money by eliminating unnecessary paper time tracking and time-consuming meetings. Verify your employees with individual logins and choose the type of access available to them – either administrator or employee. 

Administrator Benefits 

  • Provide remote or off-site employees mobile access to an online time clock
  • Track hourly/full-time equivalent requirements for ACA compliance
  • Approve employee-submitted time sheets for payroll processing
  • Approve employee-submitted time corrections without delaying clock-ins and -outs
  • Assign managers to departments
  • Manage PTO requests online
  • Auto-populate your PPX payroll with approved employee timesheet information

Employee Benefits 

  • Clock in and out online
  • Request PTO
  • Submit timesheets
  • Easily request time clock corrections for missing time punches 


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