Flexible Package Options

With Paysmart, our services and your options are completely tailor-made and applicable for your business’ needs. Experience a simple and reliable payroll service that is backed by a team of business development professionals, available to serve you and your company. We understand you may not know the best option for your business right away, so we take the time to sit down with you and explain our base package and optional add-on services. We will help you choose a personalized and affordable package that will provide the maximum value for you and your company. 

Online Payroll - Added Convenience, Enhanced Communication

With three simple steps, transition your entire company to a completely paperless payroll system.

PPX Online Entry

By putting the access in your own hands, you’ll be able to enter payroll online, add new employees, and update existing employee information. Payroll reports are readily accessible whenever you need to refer to them through your own PPX login.

Direct Deposit

Our direct deposit services come standard with any services you decide to choose. By eliminating the need to pass out physical checks to your employees, you’ll save your time and theirs. Additionally, with direct deposit, paycheck funds are deducted in a single transaction rather than on a check-by-check basis, so reconciling your bank account is much easier.

Electronic Report Delivery

Never worry about filing a paper report again with online reporting tools and storage capabilities. Because your reports are stored in our secure, online system, you have the option to access reports from anywhere. Additionally, electronic report delivery gives you immediate access to your payroll reports.

Human Resources & Reporting

Paysmart has a number of integrated systems for your Human Resources needs, allowing you to reduce risk and create an environment where your HR department can focus on what is important: reporting and documentation.

New Hire and E-Verification Reporting

Streamline your process with our easy and simple reporting tools, we make the new hire reporting, employee verification (E-Verify), and on-boarding process simple and secure. This featured Add-On service gives you a cost-effective way to meet reporting requirements for employee eligibility verification and new hires.

Employee Background Screening Solutions

Provides access to a simple and affordable background screening solution through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS).

Time & Attendance — A Hassle-Free Time Tracking System

Our time and attendance software provides an easy-to-use system that serves as both an online time tracking system as well as a company-wide communication system.  Because this system is a comprehensive platform, both administrators and employees have the benefit of using its powerful tools to gather timesheet data, view time clocks in real-time, and submit hours to payroll. 

With Paysmart’s secure and reliable system, save time and money by eliminating unnecessary paper time tracking and time-consuming meetings. Verify your employees with individual logins and choose the type of access available to them – either administrator or employee. 

Administrator Benefits

  • Provide remote or off-site employees mobile access to an online time clock
  • Track hourly/full-time equivalent requirements for ACA compliance
  • Approve employee-submitted time sheets for payroll processing
  • Approve employee-submitted time corrections without delaying clock-ins and -outs
  • Assign managers to departments
  • Manage PTO requests online
  • Auto-populate your PPX payroll with approved employee timesheet information

Employee Benefits

  • Clock in and out online
  • Request PTO
  • Submit timesheets
  • Easily request time clock corrections for missing time punches

Benefits & Insurance

No matter what your situation, Paysmart can handle your payroll needs. We offer a variety of services and products to help you stay organized and meet your obligations.

Tax Services

Taxes are prepared and filed by Paysmart. Total tax liability per payroll is drafted on the payroll check date. Payroll taxes are remitted from the Paysmart Impound account on tax due dates.

  • Cash flow is equally distributed across the year.
  • As payroll increases or decreases so does the tax liability, more closely matching cash flow.
  • There is only one tax transaction to account for per payroll.
  • There aren’t any large quarterly tax payments.

Check Signing

Save an electronic signature in your account to use time and time again.

Third Party Checks

A secure and easy portal allows a third party to upload their signature to the check for a fast approval process.

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