Flexible Package Options

With Paysmart, our services and your options are completely tailor-made and applicable for your businesses’ needs. Experience a simple and reliable payroll service that is backed by a team of business development professionals, available to serve you and your company. We understand you may not know the best option for your business right away, so we take the time to sit down with you and explain our base package and optional add-on services. We will help you choose a personalized and affordable package that will provide the maximum value for you and your company. 

Direct Deposit Services

Simplify your payroll process with our easy and secure direct deposit option.
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Tax Services

With Tax Impound, Paysmart makes it easy for your tax payments to be made.
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Online Payroll

Our user-friendly online payroll portal gives you the ability to process your payroll at any time, from any device.
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New Hire and E-Verify Reporting

We make it easier than ever to get your new employees digitally on-boarded into your company.
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Time Clock Solutions

Gather time clock data, save time with tracking, and submit payroll hours with an easy and secure online portal.
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Check Signing

Save an electronic signature in your account to use time and time again.

Check Signing

Save an electronic signature in your account to use time and time again.

Payroll Import

An easy and convenient way for employers to track payroll in various management systems.

Company Tailored Payroll Reports

Customize your payroll reports depending on the data and information you need to see at the end of the pay period.

Wage Garnishments

Easily and securely create a deduction from your employee's paycheck due to outstanding amounts.

3rd Party Checks

A secure and easy portal allows a third party to upload their signature to the check for a fast approval process.

Paperless Reports

Start receiving payroll reports electronically via our secure and easy-to-use online portal.

PPX - Convenient Online Payroll Entry

Enjoy the ease and security of our online payroll portal. Access employee hours, payroll totals, and archived reports no matter where you are.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation

Our online compensation program is a simple, time-saving solution that integrates 100% with your online payroll.
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Retirement Plan Electronic Reporting Service

This is an Add On service.

Employee Background Screening Solutions

Provides access to a simple and affordable background screening solution through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS).
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Simplify Your Payroll Process

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